Iroha's mastermind Andy Swan might also be recognised as an early collaborator of a certain Justin K. Broadrick in his ambient electronic project Final. It may not be any surprise then that after many years of being involved in the dance scene, his first project back with a six-string sounds an awful lot like his former cohort. In fact it sounds incredibly similar to Jesu, utilising the same washes of shoegaze guitars and crashes of industrial electronics. The epic-doom of opening track ‘Last Day Of Summer’ could have been taken from one of the early Jesu records and even the vocals sound similar at times. That’s not to say it’s bad though, as much of this album is great as with the stunningly eerie ‘Autumn Leaves’. However just when you thought you’ve escaped the JKB influence, you find the second disc which features the entire full-length remixed by the man himself, an exercise which does nothing better than make it sound that little bit more like him. Probably best to steer clear with the next one then.



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