Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere

Fatcat, a label renowned for its quirky and eclectic roster, also has a specialist imprint for its orchestrally/classically-aligned composers and Dustin O’Halloran is one such artist with a background in classical circles and film sound tracking. With such impressive credentials laid before you, how does one more accustomed to deconstructing the latest indie/rock opuses approach an album like Lumiere? I’m sure someone more attuned to the classical oeuvre could give a definitive answer but in the end I opted for the deceptively simple option of deciding whether or not I liked it, and boy did I ever. The sparse and haunting arrangements are just beautiful, with strings and piano fusing together to produce a wonderful listening experience that envelops you in its warmth and beauty. The nearest comparison to more familiar genres might be the post-rock of Mogwai with all the loud bits taken out - or orchestral takes on the bittersweet love songs of Elbow but that is probably way too simplistic and doesn’t give a true impression of just how breathtaking this really is. Investigate!



out of 10

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