Turisas - Stand Up And Shout

Album number three Stand Up And Fight from the Viking invaders otherwise known as Turisas sees the warband in triumphant mood. After the sterling success of The Varangian Way and the ensuing assault on the world in the live arena, the expectations are high for this round, and Stand Up And Fight well and truly delivers. This is exactly the sort of album you’d hope Turisas would release, full of memorable hooks in songs to play loudly and drink to; at its beating heart this is still a metal album, an upbeat, elated charge through war, wine and women.

The bombastic opening of ‘The March Of The Varangian Guard’ stirs the blood and readies the soul for an epic journey across the wilderness of the Dark Ages, and the rousing chorus gets the heart pounding as the full effect of the choir and band is enough to lift the spirits of any weary soldier; ‘âÝíåôïé! - ðñÜóéíïé!’ just screams victory as the orchestra races alongside the galloping guitars in manic celebration, whilst the title track has the best sing-along so far this year that is guaranteed to be belted out all across Europe this summer.

The more distinctive Scandinavian folk elements are somewhat sidelined for Stand Up And Fight, though do make the odd prominent appearance such as in the comical ‘Hunting Pirates’ as it extols the virtues of a life of freedom roaming the seven seas. But throughout it is the wonderful and theatrical use of choir and orchestra as they seamlessly meld with the frenetic folk-inspired metal that gives the album its celebratory swagger, an effect that can only be pulled off with the combination of confidence and great songwriting – both of which Turisas appear to have in abundance here. ‘The Bosphorus Freezes Over’ brings the whole production to a fittingly grandiose close, the voice-over stepping up once more the cinematic feel before the finale swells to a majestic climax.



out of 10

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