The 'A' Train - Beginning EP

If this EP is anything to go by, The 'A' Train aren't a band who like to do things in a hurry. Each track on Beginning starts off slowly, before building instrument on instrument to masterfully craft a melodic and soft wall of sound like a low-key Arcade Fire. 'Advantages' is a particularly great example of this, starting off as a somewhat conventional pop rock effort, before layering in spacey synths and breaking down into rock riffery in the final bridge, but it is a style that doesn't always hit the bullseye completely. The title track is the worst offender of this in that it's not a terrible track, but only briefly sparks into life before fizzling out a minute before everything wraps up. Still, as debut EPs go, it's certainly a great introduction to a band that at the very least, should be applauded for not going with the crowd and forging their own sound.



out of 10

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