Hundred Strong - Stylin' Free

At first glance, producer Ben Dubuisson, AKA Hundred Strong, appears to be a more soulful version of Mark Ronson. Calling in favours from all over the hip-hop and soul scene, Dubuisson has blended an eclectic effort which mixes funk and hip-hop with just a touch of dub reggae. But unlike Ronson's work, Stylin' Free tends to all mould into one and becomes a bit monotonous, with only a handful of tracks standing out. Delving into the South London rap scene, 'Odeon Pt 2' featuring Serocee is one of these. It's edgier than anything else on the album and makes a nice change to all the soulful beats that are seen in the likes of 'Make You See The Light' featuring Holly Backler. Another standout track is 'Find A Way' featuring J Todd, but unfortunately there just aren't enough to balance out the songs that sound like fillers.



out of 10

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