Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Vessels & Veins

Vessels & Veins is the second EP from little known Scottish four-piece Penguins Kill Polar Bears. Judging by the music contained within though, it’s likely we’ll be hearing a lot more of these guys. Formed in Linlithgow in late 2008, the band have clearly come far; their urgent and feedback-laden music seemingly owing much to fellow Scots The Twilight Sad. ‘Lungs’ sees the band creating as much noise as they possibly can while weaving high-pitched melodies and percussive clatter throughout its four minutes, while ‘Something Old’ does its best to tug at your heartstrings as distortion and echoing vocals build up in the background. The band may employ trademark post-rock guitars and structures, but it’s hard not to like it when they use it so well. Their more musically experimental muscles are exercised on the last two tracks and it would be nice to see these arenas explored more. Still it’s only their second EP and, on the basis of this, these guys really are ones to keep an eye on.



out of 10

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