Cauldron - Burning Fortune

With their second album Burning Fortune, Canadian trio Cauldron have once again delivered a polished yet raucous slab of retro heavy metal in all its cheesy glory. Sounding like the camp lovechild of Whitesnake and Iron Maiden (with the suspicion of Poison possibly having had a fondle) might not be the coolest thing this century, but Cauldron are so obviously doing it with such love you will get drawn in. It becomes immediately apparent that these boys know how to write the perfect 80s chorus: soaring melodies at ball-crushingly high pitches with great sing-along lyrics. ‘Miss You To Death’ would have been a huge hit twenty five years ago, and ‘Tears Have Come’ would undoubtedly have found its way into some action movie starring Stallone or Arnie. Under no circumstances should Burning Fortune be taken seriously (just look at the cover art...), and for those moments when only the most ridiculous will do, you won’t go far wrong with Cauldron.



out of 10

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