"Is this actually music?" Out of the mouths of babes and all that. I'm not sure it gets any more damning. That said, if your musical M.O. is so left-field, so far removed from ingrained conventions (melody, beat, words, harmony), you might even nod approvingly at such a compliment. Seefeel, emerging from the bunker after more than a decade, squint into a musical landscape in which the absence of their fellow shoegazers (ugh) leaves them without covering fire. The musical landscape of 2011 cruelly exposes radicals. Their exceptionally demanding approach is jittery and unsettling; guitar loops and washes of sound that nip at the skin. I thought I was liberal-minded but I'm struggling to picture even the most dedicated fan sitting down with this (fourth) album to enjoy yet another full play through. The onslaught of blips and squeaks must surely have more form and colour than a cursory listen can offer. But even though Seefeel seems to communicate an air of disquieting menace, it's hard to dismiss the idea that this is what a spoken word album by R2-D2 and C-3PO might sound like.



out of 10

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