Pete Yorn

While recording Back & Fourth, the first of his of two albums released in 2009, LA-based singer-songwriter Pete Yorn received an email from Pixies' legend Frank Black suggesting they do some work together. Yorn promptly packed his bags, got on a plane and over the course of five days recorded this album of fuzzed up, alt-rock anthems. Unsurprisingly there is a distinctly Pixies feel to a lot of the songs on display with ‘Velcro Shoes’ and ‘Always’ being the most obvious candidates for alternative renditions by Black. ‘Rock Crowd’ is a tale of how the drudgery of the touring lifestyle can be lifted by a gig audience and should become a live, sing-along favourite as Yorn continues to tour the globe. As befits its genesis, this is a rough, ready and wholly unpretentious collection of tunes that, although unlikely to hit many best of the years lists, is a consistently entertaining ride that has regular replay value, something missing in many modern albums of this ilk.



out of 10

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