Noisear - Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

Noisear’s latest sonic barrage Subvert The Dominant Paradigm is, to paraphrase the old footie saying, very much an album of two halves. The opening exchanges are decidedly fast and ridiculously furious; this is grind at its most menacingly pure: 29 blistering tracks delivered in 26 maniacal minutes, each one a short and very sharp smack to the solar plexus. These little bundles of aggression roll by in an unrelenting stream of vicious riffs and vitriolic vocals underpinned by unfeasibly fast, machine gun-like drums. None stick around long enough to make an individual lasting impression, but that’s hardly the point – it serves only to leave the listener reeling from the unfettered hatred and anger released. But at half-time, we switch ends of the extreme spectrum as final track ‘Noisearuption’ descends into twenty minutes of sprawling, crawling noise of the most ear-splitting, headache-inducing variety; the harsh digital feedback and electronic manipulation barely evolves until it decays in the final stages although, after the preceding assault, you cannot help but sink blissfully into the miasma of nihilistic loathing.



out of 10

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