Juan Zelada interview

Making the Spanish sun shine in Blighty, Juan Zelada takes time to have a quick chat with TMF.

In the most poetical way possible, how would you best describe your music to the TMF readers?

I recently got described as a "Spanish soul stew waiting to be tasted" though perhaps more poetic is: "soulful and heartfelt timeless songs, bluesy undertones but oh so uplifting!" I always got to choke with these things!

If you hadn't attended and gained a Diploma in the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), do you think your music style would be different from what it is now?

My musical style went through changes, irrespective of LIPA. There were stages to go through and bridges to burn. Never a fan of anything linked to "performing arts", LIPA still taught me plenty of things and we still played them toilet clubs! The songs I had in me were a seperate matter.

What effect do your Spanish roots have on the music you write?

My Spanish roots are with me for rhythmic groove and for vibes. Our music now is all more American influenced, but the Latin juice in me never dies.

After three years in the Liverpool music scene what made you make the decision to move down to London?

The move to London was the obvious thing to do, the necessary jump into the deep end. Scousers were good to me, but it was time to move on.

What was it like recording in the iconic Abbey Road Studios?

The Abbey Road experience was full of magic moments that in my head I can always re-live or trace back to. I knew 'that place' I was in at that time, during that take, all thanks to the mystery of the place. Irreplaceable.

Late last year you wrote the song, 'I Confess', based solely on Twitter confessions. How did this come about?

We got asked to do an English version of the Spanish song "Yo Confieso" which became such a hit in Latin-America amongst Twitter aficionados, so we decided to spice it up with the band, a bag of surrealism and any excuse to dress up as superman in a church!

Are social networking sites a good 21st century resource for providing insightful and inspirational lyrics?

Social media networks are an infinite source of people's inspiration, yes! Whether that's all valid song-matter is another issue. The things people come up in total spontaneity and impulse are actually reflected in these places. I wait to be surprised once again any time soon!

Would you ever consider doing a Facebook funk-down?

A Facebook funk-down? A song on stalkers, voyeurs and paedophiles? We'll see about that!

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