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Much like 2010 was the year of the folk revival in the British music industry, perhaps 2011 is set to be the year of the soul revival. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Jamie Woon, Jessie J and James Blake, albeit minus the very modern edge that those artists apply to their brand of soul from dubstep to r'n'b, Liam Bailey is very much of the old school soul class and no worse off for it.

Originally from Nottingham, but now living in London, Liam certainly has the appropriate background for his soulful musings; from experiences of racial bullying to relationship break-ups (he, himself, admits that his debut album has been influenced by it stating that “I was listening back to it the other day, and it's all about her!”), his past has certainly been colourful enough to establish his soul credentials and that, combined with his husky voice, means that his output certainly has an older, more traditional, soul tone. His first single - 'You Better Leave Me' - is not due out until March 13th but you can catch the official video below:

He can also be currently heard providing the guest vocals on Chase & Status' current single 'Blind Faith' (reviewed in this week's singles round up here).

If you haven't heard any of his output before, we met up with Liam to give you some juicy nuggets of information about him that you can unleash in a new musicians conversation at the pub.

What's your earliest musical memory?
My earliest memory of music is sitting in front of the T.V crossed legged, watching Michael Jackson. And staring at The Beatles' Blue Album trying to work out who was who from the pictures and why there was a song about being a walrus.

If you could hold a recording session with any number of artists, who would you choose?
I would choose Stephen and Damien Marley for sure. I would also choose Paul McCartney. And [pauses] oh yes Lemmy from Motorhead and Noel Gallagher.

You want to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who do you compare yourself to?
I wouldn't compare myself to anyone. That would ruin any potential original thought they might have when listening to me. People generally box people up anyway so I wouldn't want to help them. I'd say that I'm like a piece of celery...juicy, crunchy and very healthy and pure, but you need something with it otherwise you get bored! [laughs]

You are going to live on a desert island for a year, which three albums do you take with you?
Exile On Main Street - The Rolling Stones
Catch A Fire - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Wooden Guitar - Various Artists

Everyone has a defining music moment, one that lives on in the memory, what is yours?
Mine was going to Miami for the first time to work with my producer Salaam Remi.

What is the best gig you've ever been to and why?
I'll always remember a Fugazi gig I went to at Rock City in Nottingham. Special!

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album that we'd find?
Erm, I'm sorry to sound arrogant but...I don't listen to embarrassing music. If I like it then it must be good.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I don't like to think about things like that man. It's scary enough wondering if I'm gonna have to get a job next year, never mind thinking about that.

How would you describe your debut album to us?
B.I.G as in...A Big Friendly Giant!

What's next for Liam Bailey?
I've got a pizza being delivered in a mo. Then I'm gonna finalise the track listing for my album.

You can download Liam Bailey's track 'I Belong' for free from his website - 'You Better Leave Me' is out on March 13th and you can keep up-to-date with Liam via either his Facebook ( or Twitter ( accounts

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