Heinali - 67 Breaths

Heinali is a Ukrainian-born music producer and composer, and 67 Breaths is his latest exercise in dramatic string arrangements and grand electronic soundscapes. Having previously made soundtracks for various small films and art installations, you can pretty much expect that this is going to be something bordering on the epic. Combining various instruments, including piano, guitar, strings and various other unidentifiable sounds, he crafts minimalist yet emotionally rich pieces of music which flow in and out of each other. Yet while this is undeniably a well orchestrated and brilliantly recorded work, there’s a sense that this has been done all before. He mentions Godspeed You! Black Emperor as an influence and while you can hear elements of that in his sound, that band had a much more dynamic approach to their compositions, while 67 Breaths does tend to feel a little cold at times. Not bad by any stretch, but nothing revelatory either.



out of 10

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