Arch Enemy - The HMV Forum

Having missed the Swedish Melodic metallers earlier in the year, I was very excited to see them tonight at the Forum. With the crowd having been warmed up with a fantastic performance from both Malefice and Grand Magus, it was clear tonight was going to be a mental one.

The stage set up was pretty impressive, with the The Root Of Evil album artwork gracing both sides of the drum kit and chains lowered down from the ceiling. As it was time for the band to arrive on stage, a red light begun shining through the drum kit, and various red and green beams shining out into the audience. At this moment the band made their way onto the stage, with Angela Gossow arriving last and heading straight for a raised ledge to stand on, before they launched into 'The Immortal'.

Gossow is an amazing front woman, and one of many few who can pull of the growling vocals and make it work. For her small stature and quiet feminine speaking voice, you would think it unnatural for a woman to be able to sound like as she does, but unlike many male death metal vocalists, whose vocals end up sounding too forced and fake, with Gossow it sounds almost natural! Teamed with her aggressive but powerful display of energy makes for a great performance. The rest of the band put on a great show as well, with Daniel Erlandsson on drums doing a solo about half way through the show.

The set list was a mixture of old and new, not only from when Gossow first joined the band with Wages of Sin, but also songs from earlier in the band's career. The weather outside may have been near-freezing but most left tonight thinking they'd been truly warmed by the fires of hell!

Setlist: Immortal / Revolution Begins / Ravenous / Taking Back My Soul / My Apocalypse / Dark Insanity / Drum Solo / I Will Live Again / Dead Eyes See No Future / Guitar Solo / Dead Bury Their Dead / We Will Rise / Snow Bound / Nemesis

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