Dälek - Untitled (Latitudes Session)

Over five years after it was recorded in the direct aftermath of the July 7 bombings and mere days after shifting from a trio to a duo, Dälek's Latitudes Session finally sees the light of day; it is an utter travesty that the wait has been so long, as once again they have produced something completely different to everything else that comes under the broad term of hip-hop. Almost entirely denuded of beats, this forty minute trip is a dense structure of multiple layers that would make any electronica band envious, whilst MC Dälek’s thoughtful and intelligent rhymes, often enriched with multifarious effects, only add to the all-encompassing sound collage. The usual Dälek mixture of dark and light is still present, with heavy sections exploding unexpectedly out of more atmospheric passages, before slowly decaying away again with their masterful control of mood and texture.



out of 10

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