Larkin Poe - Summer

Larkin Poe is the reincarnation of The Lovell Sisters who, having recruited a new band of accompanying musicians, have come together under a new name to tell new musical tales. The Summer EP, the second in a string of seasonally inspired releases, is certainly a coherent affair. Opening track ‘Praying for the Bell’ is a whirl of lap-steel guitar, vocal harmonies, American small town tales, and gentle guitar lines. ‘Wrestling a Stranger’ opens with brooding guitar sprinkled with some underlying jazz influences, and ‘Natalie’ showcases a bluegrass verse before breaking out into a slower, softer chorus. The two-part vocal harmonies are done well and allow Larkin Poe to be more diverse in their song-writing. The band stick to a more traditional and intricate brand of country rock than the commercial stylings of Taylor Swift for example. The songs do tend to be unmemorable at times however and fade into background music now and then, which is a shame as if you’re storytelling through your music you want the listener to be constantly engaged. However, taking into account that Rebecca and Megan Lovell are just hitting 20 years of age, they show a maturity in their music that is way beyond this. Larkin Poe are a band that show great potential and it will be interesting to see how they progress with the release of the (yes, you guessed it) ‘Fall’ and ‘Winter’ EPs.



out of 10

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