Solefald - Norron Livskunst

Black metal is a strange beast. Lo-fi, corpse-paint wearing Norwegians may think that they are representing ‘true black metal’, but Solefald seem to believe they are the real deal too; and these guys have proggy riffs, Hammond organs and cut-up electronics on their side, so I’m more inclined to believe them. Norron Livskunst is a strange body of work to say the least. While keeping the hallmarks of the genre, namely the speeding, dense and atmospheric riffs, the band also include creepy, digitally-manipulated yelps on ‘Tittentattenteksti’ and smoky jazz club sax on ‘Eukalyptustreet’. On the other hand there are tracks like ‘Blackabilly / Stridsljod’ which dip their toes a bit too heavily in the folk-metal that bands like Turisas peddle, giving the record a bit of a disjointed feel. An interesting and, at times, great album, it certainly makes a change from some of the badly produced crap that has worn the BM tag recently.



out of 10

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