Winnebago Deal - Career Suicide

It seems like an age since we last heard from the two Ben’s who make up Winnebago Deal. Their last full-length came out way back in 2006, and since then the band have toured sporadically and even joined Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator project. But the band are back with Career Suicide (not literally), an unpretentious, brilliantly hard and heavy punk-rock record. Barbed-wire, thrashy riffs mix with the solid backbone of Ben Thomas’ drums and even some gang-vocals thrown in for good measure on tracks like ‘I Want Your Blood’. In a world where synthesizers and bizarre time-signatures are being thrown around, it’s refreshing to hear a band content with just rocking the fuck out as on ‘Poison’ - and pretty much the whole album. The perfect soundtrack to your punk-rock party.



out of 10

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