Straight Lines - Cardiff University

The Jurassic Park theme tune may seem an obscure choice but Straight Lines fans know the sound bellowing out of the amps means two things: the band are coming, and that the entertainment levels about to be turned up to eleven. As the lights go down only the silhouettes of the four members the crowd have so anxiously been awaiting to see can be seen quickly entering the stage.

This was a tight set, with pummeling, non-stop renditions of their best-loved songs as well as new single 'Say It For Your Sake'. Power levels were set to 'hard', energy levels were set to 'Lucozade overdose', but during the brief pauses between songs they found time to quip with the young crowd, themselves catching their breath after serious bouts of spacehopper frenzy, clearly revelling in having the band back on home turf.

It’s obvious why Straight Lines have wrestled their way to the front of a new generation of Welsh bands and have been embraced by a crowd who just wanna have fun. Stock up on the energy bars - you'll need 'em!

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