Shush - Soundtrack Of My Life

The debut album from London rockers Shush is a very pleasant surprise and if not a completely flawless debut, showcases enough potential to promise good things from them in the future. Things get off to a blistering start with lead single 'Do What I Want' with its crunching riffs and simplistic, but effective, chorus that bores into your head like a woodpecker does a tree and the pace rarely relents. The impressive riffery is backed up by Milena Yum's powerful vocals which contain enough of an aggressive, melodic edge to pull everything together nicely resulting in some brilliant tracks. Pick of the bunch is a toss-up between the epic rock of title track 'Soundtrack Of My Life' and the pure, undiluted venom of 'Fuck You', but things don't always run as smoothly. Undoubtedly the balance is in favour of good over bad but there are still some very bland, forgettable tracks, worst offender of the lot probably going to 'Miss Bunny' where things just don't click as they should. It's at these points on the album that you realise what's most disappointing about Soundtrack Of My Life is the lack of variation; no two riffs ever sound the same but there is very little attempt at crafting a track in a different sub-genre of rock. It's compounded by the fact that when Shush do experiment with the power balladry of 'Stay', they do so very effectively. The closing minute-long screamo-esque track 'You Will Never Get', which is so bizarre it must have been done with tongue firmly in cheek, shows that the band can experiment and have fun with it, so hopefully it's a sign that they will bring that into their next effort.



out of 10

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