Charlotte Church - Back To Scratch

Charlotte Church is something of a jack - or jill - of all trades, master of none: her early classical music career was put on hold for her to relaunch herself as a pop star AND chat show host - a strange combination that resulted in neither path leading to major acceptance. Sending her management back to the drawing board, we have the artist back with a second pop album that aims to start afresh with new ideas and styles. The first thing to note is that Back to Scratch is a much more mature album than her last effort, but that maturity drags her towards the style appreciated by the Radio 2 audience and away from the more enjoyable froth that her likely fan base would lap up. It's not a bad attempt; title single 'Back to Scratch' is a decent, if dull, track that succeeds in wiping away past crimes and 'Snow' is a truly gorgeous affair that maybe seems a little out of place. The rest is pretty forgettable stuff though - a shame, as when she shines here, she does so with great style.



out of 10

Last updated: 25/06/2018 07:51:08

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