Various Artists - Godskitchen: Pure Trance Anthems 2011

Just like Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier, here's one of the first dance compilations for 2011, surely the year when space travel for all becomes a reality. There will inevitably be queues at the space suit outfitters, so let the futuristic charms of the latest Godskitchen trance compilation help pass the time. This three CD set features the inevitable smorgasbord of pan-European (and beyond in all probability) artists and remixers, from the well known (Deadmau5, Tiesto, System F) to under-the-radar-to-ordinary-folks acts like Ralphie B and Greg Downey with his version of Mansun's 'Wide Open Space'. Those in search of trad trance may be slightly disappointed, with the genre continuing to absorb house, electro and even ethnic influences, although the slow build of the Armin van Buuren (Didn't he play right wing for Ajax in 1983? - Ed.) remix of BT's 'Every Other Way' pushes most of the buttons trance fans want. With 60 tracks for around a tenner, this series continues to deliver decent VFM and while the kitchen sink approach doesn't always work, even the most jaded trance fan will find tracks to enjoy.



out of 10

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