Teebs - Ardour

So what kind of music do you make if your first artistic endeavours were as a painter? Ardour, the debut album from Flying Lotus’ pal Teebs draws parallels with his previous career as wielder of a brush. These 18 tracks of experimental electronica are mostly short and feel more like snapshots, or ideas splattered on to canvas, than tunes. This is not a record for those who expect music to go somewhere. Teebs' concerns are depth-providing contrast and aural textures. 'Moments', for example, juxtaposes deep beats with a cascading piano line to very soothing effect...actually, 'Moments' may have made a fitting title for the album. Whereas 'Bern Rhythm', with its evocative guitar and bells, seems to take a cue from Goblin's Suspiria soundtrack, then not run too far with it. All rather pretty; it's a shame you can’t hang music above your mantlepiece.



out of 10

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