The Ting Tings kick up a stink

Brace yourself for some of the finest PR nonsense the perfume industry can waft your way ...

Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries joins forces with the Grammy nominated band The Ting Tings to set his latest fragrance collection, LOUD for him and LOUD for her, to sound. The LOUD fragrances were created through an open exchange of ideas – a creative collaboration of some of the best talent in music and fragrance. The Ting Tings wrote and produced a track inspired by the explosive new fragrances LOUD called “We’re Not The Same,” creating the perfect mix of scent and sound.

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The fragrances are layered, same as in music, with different notes combining to create a crescendo for all to experience. When you hear “We’re Not the Same,” you feel the different, separate pieces coming together and emerging into a unified effect, the way the song begins with various instruments getting tuned and aligned and then with the explosion at the end. It’s a harmonious moment when it all comes together.

Perfumers, Aurelian Guichard and Yann Vasnier describe LOUD for her as fragile, explosive and tormented. When comparing the notes of the fragrance to The Ting Tings song, Guichard says, “LOUD for her is built around the strong rose note. In the campaign song it’s as though the lead singer's voice is like a shouting rose, it has the feel of drum beats and punk-like bursts of electricity from the guitar. It’s similar to how you would describe the way the patchouli bursts onto the scene of the fragrance.”

The men of TMF wear a heady mix of Denim and natural masculine musk. The ladies of TMF smell like summer meadows and strawberries.

Don't laugh, it gets better!

When describing the men’s fragrance, Vasnier explains, “LOUD for him speaks to the strong Patchouli notes while still harmonizing with the rose notes in the scent of its counterpart. Alchemical, catchy, effervescent vocals - a blend of two cords into one. A sound that is hugely excited and slightly tuned down--somewhat like the patchouli Orpur's woody core emerging belatedly but intact from beneath.” LOUD for him is volatile, manic and little bit raw – just like every great song should be!

The music platform for LOUD is what connects youth. It transcends culture, geography and background. Music is the common language they speak. The scents themselves, the bold rock and roll rose and the deep, sensuous patchouli, were created to build over time, like a song that has a great hook. Everything about the project connects to the music elements and the relationship with The Ting Tings truly represents the spirit and energy of LOUD.

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