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The Resonance Association (featuring our very own scribe Dominic) have slowly been gaining a cult following since the release of their last album Clarity In Darkness. The Music Fix caught up with them at the tail-end of their tour.

So first things first, would you like to introduce yourself and the band and tell us a little bit about how you formed?

Sure. The Resonance Association got together with myself [Daniel Vincent] and Dominic [Hemy] meeting in the pub having been introduced to each other's music by virtue of us being on a few of the same music forums. Dominic had been recording dark ambient music as The 3rd Fire, and I'd been making modern progressive music under the Karma Pilot name. I think we were both thinking at the time how we could take those different styles and create something new which we could go out and play live. We quickly wrote the first EP and played our first gig whilst we were recording it, back in May 2006.

Earlier in the year you released your third album Clarity In Darkness, were you pleased with how the album turned out? And how does it fit into TRA's history?

After the rather clinical-sounding We Still Have The Stars, we wanted to create something more atmospheric, and that was really the starting point for Clarity In Darkness. In many ways it was a return to the sound of our early EPs - long droning tracks with lots of layered sounds. It came together very quickly and we were really pleased with how it turned out.

You've also just recently released an EP, Heliopause Prelude. What was the idea behind this release and how much does it point towards what you're going to be doing in the future?

Heliopause Prelude came about because I started to put together demos for the next album Heliopause. Dominic really liked "Above Beyond & Forever" and improvised the guitar solo over the top in a couple of
takes. Both tracks are quite rough 'n' ready, and reflect I think the direction we've started to head in as we've played more and more live shows.

You've being touring the most recent album a fair bit, so how's it been taking these songs into the live arena?

From Clarity In Darkness we've played three songs so far - "Dangerous Fantasist", "Medal Of Dishonour" and "Pearlescence". "Medal Of Dishonour" mutated into a quite different beast - from an ominous drone to a feedback drenched monster.

You've just completed another batch of gigs, including the opening slot at the Summers End festival in Gloucestershire. Tell us more about that.

We booked a run of four dates in September, two of which we were to open for Aidan Baker of Nadja. As most of your reader probably know, he was unable to make it to the UK, so the London date was pulled. We still played great shows in Reading, Brighton and Leicester which we really enjoyed.

The Summer's End festival was something we were aware of, but we had not really considered playing there until one of the bands pulled out a few weeks ago. We stepped in as a bit of a favour and hopefully people enjoyed it. I think it may have been a bit too left-field for some people, but that's probably not entirely a bad thing.

What's TRA's plan for the rest of the year and for the next album?

We're heading back into the studio for the rest of the year, continuing work on the next album "Heliopause".

We're organising a gig in London on Friday 19th November at The Miller (, which is our way of making up to our fans for the no-show in September. We'll be joined by Oaf and also labelmates General Paulus, greg(o)rian and Final Coil, so it should be a great night.

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