Crowded House - The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House

More than a decade ago, there was an advertising campaign for the previous Crowded House compilation, Recurring Dream, which boasted “You know more Crowded House songs than you think you do.” I bought it. They were right. Crowded House’s early catalogue is a littered with classic songwriting – from radio staples like 'Weather With You' and 'Don’t Dream It’s Over' to the beauty of 'Better Be Home Soon' and 'Private Universe'.

There is no argument with the songs. If you’re uninitiated with Crowded House, run – don’t walk – to your nearest entertainment retailer, waltz quickly past the Wii section to the dusty CD shelves and purchase Recurring Dream. It’ll set you back about a fiver. You can thank me later.

Or you can spend double that and buy this, apparently assembled to “commemorate their 25th anniversary”. This is just that same compilation reshuffled, losing 'World Where You Live', 'Into Temptation', 'When You Come' and 'I Feel Possessed' and replacing them with 'Chocolate Cake', 'Pour Le Monde', 'Nails In My Feet' and 'Don’t Stop Now'. No prizes, no cakes, no fanfares will be awarded for guessing which quartet of songs is the superior.

It’s ironic that the promotional CD incorrectly labels 'Something So Strong' as 'Something So Wrong'. Freudian slip? Either way, this is a shameless cash in, inferior to the original compilation - with the only saving grace being the absence of any new material – so at least existing fans aren’t getting fleeced.



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