The Orb Vs David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres

Well, something like this was bound to happen one day wasn’t it? But this is just going to be some wanky prog noodling with some psychedelic ambient beats over the top surely? The fact this is two, twenty-plus minute tracks doesn’t send out good messages, but the actuality is that this is probably the best thing either artist have put out in recent years. While David Gilmour is content with following his own path and not really caring what anybody else thinks, The Orb seem to have dropped off the face of the planet, especially with last album Baghdad Batteries sinking without a trace. So what better way to reignite both creativity and profile than with this collaboration’?

First half of the album, ‘Metallic’ starts with some of Gilmour’s trademark guitar atmospherics while Alex Patterson supplements it with some quietly building synths, and unearthly keyboards. The opening is exactly as you’d expect this meeting of minds, but it doesn’t suffer because of that. The understated throb of Patterson’s programming seems to be the perfect foil for Gilmour’s space-rock guitars, and while at times it does all go a bit cheesy psychedelia, it does take the listener on a journey of twists and turns.

‘Spheres’ continues in much the same fashion, with an almost kraut-rock beat and intricate bass lines from super-producer and Killing Joke member Youth. The inclusion of some very questionable vocals about half-way through the track does slightly ruin the mood, but it picks up again as big drums are introduced and the track ends with a string-drenched crescendo. What starts off as being a rather dodgy idea on paper does in fact impress and as you get lost in the dreamy keyboards and brilliant guitar lines it's clear this prog collaboration most definitely deserves your attention.



out of 10

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