Mudhoney - Electric Ballroom, London

It’s may be over twenty years since their first release, but tonight Mudhoney prove that grunge is still alive and well - at least within the walls of the Electric Ballroom.

They may arrive on stage all casual and loose, but the music comes on hard and fast and by the time I had to exit the shooting area, I'd lost count of the times the same guy had shot past me for another round of crowd surfing.

Although Mudhoney have never established major commercial success during their stint on the circuit, it's clear that they still have a solid fan base, and tonight the crowd was a mix of young and old, still excited enough to try and mount a stage invasion and throw items onto the stage. The bra, which Mark Arm proudly hung on his mic stand is understandable, the jeans less so. London on a Wednesday night is no place to try and get home without pants.

Three quarters way through the set Mark Arm had discarded his guitar and became more animated on stage, with his trademark howl and Iggy Pop-esque moves, whilst lead guitarist Steve Turner free to knock out some serious distortion. During their encore the bassist from support act Unnatural Helpers bassist attempted a stage dive that resulted in tripping over one of the speakers, knocking it flying off the stage, but he still made it into the crowd.

It was a suitably chaotic end to a chaotic night.

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