Introducing... The Celestians

Hailing from Cumbernauld, The Celestians are trying to do something exciting and unique with their alt-rock sound. The band's Russell Ferguson introduces us to the treats they have in store...

What's your earliest musical memory?

My first musical experience that I remember was when I was attending guitar lessons. Our teacher was telling us how we have to ark our fingers over the strings so not to create a dull noise of the strings and he came to me and said “No, you’re doing it all wrong!” He then proceeded to grab my hand, laugh in a scary manner and then scrunched my fingers together so that I felt a pain so severe I’d be too scared not to ark my fingers when playing certain chords! And if this question was actually referring to my first live band experience, it was Sum 41 in the Braehead Arena with my dad! Awesome! (And now I feel so very old - Ed.)

If you could hold a recording session with any five artists, who would you choose?

Angels & Airwaves, White Lies, Vampire Weekend, Kings of Leon & Cheryl Cole, but big Chezza only made the cut because of her looks!

You want to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who do you compare yourself to?

I don’t compare us to anyone. I think we’re quite unique in our sound; I would tell them that we are a little boy pissing himself in excitement whilst waiting for the ice cream van to come down his street. That sums us up better.

You are going to live on a desert island for a year, which three albums do you take with you?

Angels & Airwaves – I Empire, White Lies – To Lose my Life… and probably Angel & Airwaves – LOVE. I’m a big A&A fan!

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album that we'd find?

It would probably boil down to either Owl City - Fireflies or Justin Bieber – Baby. I’m not proud of either but I will openly and proudly admit to liking them both!

What sets you apart from the rest?

I’d say that we have a unique sound that ties in well with our catchy lyrics and melodies, and I know no one who has a light on their guitar!

What is next for The Celestians?

Well, we’re hoping to rack up some good support slots in the coming months and we always aim to build our fan base. Personally I hope to get a new single out by late February, but at the moment please indulge yourselves by downloading our new EP – “Specimens” from here

Last updated: 18/04/2018 14:22:59

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