Seafood - Sleepover

Sleepover is the 2nd single to be released from the bands long awaited 3rd Album (as the cry flows).
The song in question is a better release than the debut single from as the cry flows Good Reason, purely because its more of the same of what’s on as the cry flows, which is mellow, as opposed to Good Reason which was more like Seafood of old, and slightly edging toward the rock side of things. David Line’s ominous vocal work, combined with a polished sound to the band on the last album go to show that Seafood really deserve to be more in the limelight.
However... the star of this single release has to be the b-sides on the CD. The 2nd track on the disc is an acoustic version of one, if not the best track on as the cry flows, ‘Heat Walks Against Me’, which in my opinion further shows Seafood’s current direction as a band, erring away from rock and roll of yesteryear toward Americana and soundings. The final track, Old Friend is again, excellent. Could have been on the album, and personally I would have preferred to have seen it replace “Good Reason”, making AtCF a more laid album with a consistent flow.

Sleepover is available in two formats (CD and 7” Vinyl) and is out on the 11th of October.



out of 10

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