Major Organ and the Adding Machine

Genuinely unlistenable and very funny with it. This is about grown adults getting together around substances they're really too old to be knocking back, then waddling off to the recording studio in a fit of giggles to indulge themselves under the guise of experimentation. I suspect the unholy caterwauling of the collective - led by the fictional Major Organ and populated by members of, amongst others, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Olivia Tremor Control - is something they perceive as daring; psychedelic jams borne out of unconstrained exploration. And, to be honest, back in 2001 when this album was first released, I nearly followed this up. My penchant for over-educated American geeks arsing about knew no bounds. Hey, thank god I didn't; a younger me might have ended up liking it. Amazing how much suspension of disbelief can be achieved before mortgages and children re-shape your world view. Mired in shitty reality, how is it possible to do anything other than look down my nose at song titles like 'Abraham Lincoln's Beard' or 'Water Dripping on Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty'. Obviously there are those who've missed the point entirely, having decided to take it oh so seriously and find meaning in the ludicrous caper. Come on! It's a hoax, for f***'s sake, conceptual art and media manipulation afloat on a sea of bleeding ears, the ultimate new art riot. And guess what? As I typed those words, Bill Drummond, dressed in a dayglo jumpsuit, emerged from around the corner and handed me a million dollars. Yes! I win! I win!



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 14:23:42

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