Graffiti6 - Colours

Graffiti6 may not be a band you’re all that familiar with, but you will know their music, with summer track ‘Stare Into The Sun’ featuring in The Sun’s TV campaigns, no doubt weaseling its way into the depths of your subconscious. Jamie Scott, vocalist and once semi-successful solo artist (remember him?, maybe not) was asked by his record company to meet with Right Said Fred producer TommyD in an attempt to help boost his faltering career. Who would have thought that years down the line the pair would form Graffiti6, release debut album Colours and with it track-after-track of great pop music?

So ‘Colours’ is a great pop record! Scott’s vocals lend a soulful twist, and TommyD’s production is reminiscent of 60s Motown, with its wistfulness and upbeat tone and taps into either the Plan B or Maroon 5 market depending on how generous you want to be. Stand out tracks include ‘Stare Into The Sun,’ ‘This Man’ and ‘Annie You Save Me’, which define great summer pop. It’s just a shame that this record is coming out now as it’s ideal for lazy summer nights, and would probably play well on the festival circuit. Maybe next year?



out of 10

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