Various Artists - Bustin' Out 3: 1983

Mike Maguire continues his exploration of the frontier-exploring musics of the early 80s in this, the third volume of Year Zero's Bustin' Out series. By 1983 the impact of hip-hop and electro was really beginning to be felt within alternative music, with new technology allowing artists to take a pic 'n mix approach to music creation that continues to this day. The inclusion of movie director John Carpenter's 'The End' seems as natural as obvious choices like New Order and Front 242, and while Special Request's 'Salsa Smurf' may sound terrifying, the robotic groove is New York 1983 par excellence. Elsewhere in the world, Germany's The Unknown Cases mix reggae toasting with electro-salsa and early 80s AOR to intriguing effect and it's reassuring to see countrymates Xmal Deutschland stake a claim for early goth's use of (wo)man and machine. Finishing with the ethereal swirl of Cocteau Twins is a reminder that technology need not exclude beauty and gives a tantalising glimpse of where the series may go next. A project worthy of your support.



out of 10

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