Magnetic Man

There was a time when dubstep originators Benga, Skream and Artwork were no more than a mere rumble in a Croydon basement. An NME cover story and album with Sony Records later, they’re now rumbling through basements nationwide.

The closest mainstream comparison to Magnetic Man would be a group like Pendulum. Whereas the drum and bass ‘love them or hate them’ group stay true to their rock-hard clichés, the Mag Men manage to mix it up with both vocal pop tunes like ‘Perfect Stranger' and instrumental dubstep like ‘Mad.’ And like Pendulum, Magnetic Man will no doubt slowly work their way up the charts and suddenly, as if from nowhere, become a household name. Having already cemented a loyal fanbase the production troupe have been on 'Ones to Watch' lists throughout the year and with this will top genre album lists by the time 2010 is done.

Magnetic Man have a helping hand on the album from the likes of ‘On A Mission’'s Katy B (who has recently stormed the charts), Ms Dynamite (who was once known for doing the same), and even John Legend lending his vocals to the album closer.

It’s a shame that the first track people will probably hear is first single ‘I Need Air’, which is one of the weaker tracks on the album. It will probably translate well to the dancefloors - and be on the next ‘Dancefloor Classics 12’ album - but the monotonous sound doesn’t show off the best of what they can do. Don’t be fooled though, Magnetic Man reminds us why we all got so excited about dubstep in the first place.



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