Lisa Stansfield - The Moment

It has to be said that this is a slightly underwhelming album. It's a collection of torch songs from Liverpool’s finest singer named Lisa and it's produced by the legendary Trevor Horn so you'd expect something slightly stronger but alas, its not to be. There's potential here somewhere for something special, but the album often lets those moments slip away into a sort of mushy pop soup. This is a shame, as there are moments where you glimpse some sort of potential for something that could have been special.

There are moments that stand out. 'If I Hadn't Got You' has a nice harmonica line that bubbles underneath the disco beat and 'Treat Me Like A Woman' has a winning Latin feel to it's acoustic guitar based riff and descending vocal line, this is one of those special moments that stand out, but these moments are few and far between. On the whole, it loses out with its slightly dated production. If you've a hankering for a collection 70's sounding disco diva songs you won't go far wrong, though.



out of 10

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