Mice Parade - What It Means To Be Left-Handed

Having started out life as a one-man band, Mice Parade have grown into a fully realised band under the watchful eye of Adam Pierce. Their blend of post-rock, folk and electronic has seen even wider influences slowly filter in, and What It Means To Be Left-Handed continues the progression seen on 2007’s self titled record.

Swahili vocalist Somi pops up throughout the album, her sweet and delicate vocal style lending tracks like the flamenco style opener 'Kupanda' an innocence and joy that you can’t help but feel warmed by. ‘Do Your Eyes See Sparks’ sees Caroline Lufkin and Adam duet, their voices providing a neat contrast as they skitter about the drums and twinkling guitar lines.

The variation in the album is a joy to delve into, as ‘Recover’ demonstrates as it moves from distorted guitars to glistening electronica, and plain old indie rock in its short 3 and a half minutes. Pierce’s acoustic guitar playing is the real highlight though. The instrumentalists intricately picked melodies and fast paced guitar lines at times resemble a string quartet, and when coupled with the piano on ‘Old Hat’, make for a deeply textured and spine-tingling piece of music.

Having assembled a pretty impressive array of musicians to join him on stage, including the truly brilliant drummer Doug Scharin of HiM and Codeine fame alongside Caroline Lufkin and labelmate Gregory & The Hawk, the live Mice Parade experience should elevate this wonderful album to even greater heights.



out of 10

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