The Paraffins - Snout To The Grindstone

Snout To the Grindstone by Scottish band The Paraffins sounds like the musical equivalent of over-egging the pudding. There are some decent melodies hidden in there amongst the weird honks and hoots that litter the album, but you'd be hard-pressed to find them. 'Life's Too Beautiful' beeps along and you just wish the unnecessary sound effects were turned off so you can concentrate on the tune itself, which isn't too bad. The spooky 'Couch Crasher' slumps along weighed down by the background noise and 'Triple Time' starts off well enough until it explodes in a haze of feedback that makes you want to cover your ears. It is basically the same on every track: a whirring cacophony of white noise that interferes with the music that struggles to push it out. Let's hope in the future The Paraffins dispel with the effects and concentrate more on making music.



out of 10

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