Fran Healy - Wreckorder

The debut solo album of Travis front man Fran Healy has a very limited appeal: Travis fans. Honestly, Wreckorder could as easily be Travis' seventh studio album given the similarities and it's not just Healy's lullaby voice that's the similarity. Looking for upbeat acoustic melodies? You'll find them on lead single 'Buttercups'; sweeping, lush orchestral compositions? 'Fly In The Ointment' is the place to be for that. That's no such bad thing given Healy's considerable aplomb in crafting easy-going music around them but the one key difference is that the one similarity you won't find is a track to match 'Sing' or 'Flowers In The Window'. Wreckorder does occasionally stumble into a gem - 'Sing Me To Sleep' with guest vocals from Neko Case is beautiful with both vocals marrying perfectly - but everything else is fairly middling. As established, Travis fans will lap Wreckorder up but for everyone else, it's far from a wreck but rarely rises above average.



out of 10

Last updated: 20/06/2018 10:09:35

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