Husky Rescue - Country Falls

Country Falls may well show Husky Rescue to be Finland's answer to Air - but with an added country twist.

In fact, gentle opener Sweet Little Kitten is almost straight country, steel guitar, a recurring motif on the album, to the fore, and female vocals that could be blown away by the wind. It's a good indication of the low-key beauty of the record.

Country Falls is generally blissful and dreamy, the main exception being Summertime Cowboy, first single and least successful track here. Leader Marko Nyberg lists mainly movie directors, such as David Lynch and Wim Wenders, as influences. In a similar vein to Moon Safari, but with a more organic feel, this works as soundtrack to an imaginary film (or films) and as pop album, albeit one with deliciously subtle hooks. It's hard to imagine anyone not gradually falling under the spell of such enchanting songs as New Light of Tomorrow and City Lights.

Country Falls should be listened to as a whole to be fully appreciated. It's a late night/ early morning record - call it chill-out if you want -, one as invitingly warming as a hot cup of tea cradled in your hands while the temperature drops outside.

Summertime Cowboy medium video

Summertime Cowboy low video



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