The Off Chance - The Off Chance EP

The debut EP of Swindon 4-piece The Off Chance is a gloriously catchy affair. Kind of 'lad-folk', the eminently unforgettable choruses sit comfortably alongside the strings and harmonicas. With vocals often reminiscent of early Beatles, all of the tracks here have a rough edge that is endearing; it's clear that they are all the product of people who love what they're doing. It's hard to pick a highlight - each track is pretty rounded with an almost anthemic centre; and while there is the risk, especially in 'Hold On', that the band could be mistaking repetition for a hook, it really is hard to care as it's all upbeat and enjoyable stuff. If there is a but, it's only small and that's the question over whether the band have the legs and variety to create a fully rounded album. On the back of this EP, the omens are good and The Off Chance need to keep plugging away creating the music that they're passionate about without attempting to pander to a wider demographic.



out of 10

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