Envy - Recitation

It’s a pretty special occasion when post-hardcore legends Envy return with a new album. They’re one of those bands that can seemingly do no wrong, injecting their music with an epic scope that no many bands of their ilk can muster. Their last album, Insomniac Doze, came out way back in 2006, but since then the band have released an EP and splits with the likes of Thursday and Jesu, something which goes to show just how dynamic this band is. Recitation will do nothing to dissuade this either.

Arriving on Mogwai’s label Rock Action, it’s no surprise then that Recitation sees the band delving ever further into post-rock territory. ‘Last Hours of Eternity’ sounds an awful lot like Explosions In The Sky with its wall of delicate guitar chime, before the distortion gets stepped on and vocalist Tetsuya lets rip his trademark Japanese roars. This balance of beauty and ferocity is what Envy manage to pull off so well.

‘Pieces of the Moon I Weaved’ veers more into their post-hardcore roots with massive riffs that would be at home in any mosh-pit, and pummelling drums and cymbal crashes which sound chaotic and epic. ‘Dreams Coming to an End’ is another of the bands shorter tracks which manages to cram all sorts of time changes and guitar lines into it and make a brilliant piece of modern hardcore.

Recitation may not be that much of a departure for the band, but that’s because they’ve managed to incorporate all the best bits about their sound into one album. Envy have always been consistently brilliant, and this album is no different.



out of 10

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