Simon May - Eastenders - Peggy's Theme EP

It is not often that you come across a record so unexpectedly brilliant that its sheer beauty leaves you breathless and aching for it to continue forever. Unfortunately the Peggy’s Theme EP is not such a record. For those who live under a rock, this has been released to cash in on mark the departure of the Carry On legend Barbara Windsor from EastEnders. How her departure was handled I do not know but one can only hope and pray that it wasn’t as tortuous and mind numbing as the six songs on display here. The horribly twee title track kicks off the EP and has some truly awful whistling tacked on for added irritation. Then things go really downhill with two, yes two, takes on the show’s unmistakably annoying theme tune - one from 1985 and one from 2009. If that wasn’t terrifying enough we are also treated to three abominations that somehow became big chart hits way back in 1986 . A hideous synth based pop from Leticia Dean & Paul Medford is the least offensive of the three but that isn’t difficult considering the other contenders. Poodle permed pop diva extraordinaire Anita Dobson is almost unlistenable on ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ but then we reach the nadir of the whole disc: the execrable ‘Every Loser Wins’ by Nick Berry. How the music buying public made this a No.1 smash hit is beyond comprehension. Thankfully that is your lot and if I never have to listen anything this bad again it will be too soon. Utterly awful in every respect.



out of 10

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