No Age - Everything In Between

The third album from American lo-fi punk rockers No Age is easily their most accomplished to date; it's not so much a case of one giant leap, more one small step in musical terms, but everything they touch on the album turns to pure audio gold. From the spacey instrumentals in the form of tracks like 'Katerpillar' to the hard-hitting noise of 'Depletion', there's something to impress on every track, whether it's the sheer invention or their ability to craft a big riff. Picking a highlight is like choosing between wanting a million pounds in gold or a million pounds in coins, although 'Shed And Transcend' comes mightily close to walking away with the album with its feedback-filled start exploding into balls-out rawk like The Smashing Pumpkins in their heyday. There are times when the vocals seem too quiet, as though someone turned up the other dials but forgot to do the same with the vocals in the studio, and the track programming is a tad off with two instrumentals following each other near the end instead of acting as bridges but you'll probably be too busy enjoying the noise to care. Everything In Between is a stunning effort by a band going from strength to strength.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 14:31:11

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