Alex Cornish - Call Back

It’s not every day you wake up and have a life-changing revelation, but this is exactly what happened to singer-songwriter Alex Cornish when he arose one morning to find his memory blank and girlfriend gone after an all-nighter binge of booze and well, ciggies. And so, much like Jules in Pulp Fiction, he resigned from his job and, erm, popped off to Edinburgh to write his first record. As you do. A year later, and after much acclaim from the depths of radio, he’s returned with aptly-titled follow-up album, Call Back.

Sent from what seems like the clutches of a teething cherub, the title track sets the ebbing flow of the record, framing Alex’s voice in all of the purity and complexity of Chris Martin’s. The simplicity of the accompaniment in not just the opener, but in every single ounce of Call Back creates such an epiphany of serenity that it would even make the four horsemen of the apocalypse dismount for a group hug.

It’s the embedded maturity in such lyrics as "It’s maybe cos I’m older now / And the words of my father’s call / Those words meant the world" in latest single ‘Once More I’m Put to the Test’, that hints at the album’s use as Cornish’s pool of reflection. The result is a record that puts a lump in your throat with the likes of ‘You’re Not the One that I Love Anymore’, yet at the same time warms the cockles of your heart in light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel track, ‘Won’t be Found'.

Call Back is a true serenade of the senses that calmly but surely journeys through a troubled, yet fragile mind. Although it has a comforting quality to its words, be warned – you're going to need to keep the tissue box nearby.



out of 10

Last updated: 12/07/2018 21:16:07

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