Pioneer DJ Launch The HDJ-500 Headphone Series

Pioneer continues to make life better for the up and coming DJ with the release of their new entry-level headphones, the HDJ-500. The latest member of their ever-evolving series is the epitome of style and sleek design and for the first time is available in three distinct colours – red, black or white. Designed to be as usable in the club as they are at home or on the go, the HDJ-500 is set to invigorate the headphone market.

Renowned for their great sound and durability, Pioneer headphones have always been a hit with DJs. The new HDJ-500 fully utilises the research and technology of Pioneer’s flagship model, the HDJ-2000, to offer both style and substance in a lightweight design.

The HDJ-500 is sound engineered to strongly reproduce the low and mid level frequencies needed for accurately monitoring dance music when DJ’ing. It reproduces a rich low-range and increases the sound pressure by utilising Pioneer’s newly developed 40 mm diameter driver unit and by narrowing the ear pad opening, giving you crystal clear sound, whatever your needs. With its rotating arm structure, the HDJ-500 is also completely adaptable to any DJ’ing style. As it is capable of sliding 60 degrees to the right, with a flexible headband, it enables DJs to listen with just one ear leaving the other exposed to the monitor speakers and crowd reactions.

"The HDJ-500 takes all the quality and design of Pioneer's top end headphone technology and makes it accessible to a much wider market." Jason Pook, Product Development Manager, Pioneer Europe.

The HDJ-500 emulates the design of Pioneer’s professional DJ headphones but comes in three brand new colours. Added to that, the streamlined hanger enables you to distinguish the left and right sides of the headphones while at work in the booth. Away from the club, if you want to listen to music on the go, the HDJ-500 also comes with an interchangeable short cord that plugs into the side of the headphones. This cord is 1m long whilst there is also a 3m-long cord to give you that much need space to move whilst DJ’ing.

Top sound quality and style are no longer reserved solely for professional level DJs, but are now available to anyone who wants to get the most out of their dance music.

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