Thirteen Senses - The Invitation

Hailing from Cornwall (a place where there are very few mainstream bands) Thirteen Senses (13) are yet another band to go for the ‘Indie-Lite’ feel to their music. A lot of people have compared them to the likes of Keane… I won’t do that, because frankly they make a better album than the Radio 2 ‘Rockers’ Keane. Hopes and Fears to me is merely a bunch of singles strung together to form an album (however excellent most of the individual songs are), where as this effort from Thirteen Senses seems to have a certain flow to it, its an album rather than 10 or so tracks on a CD.
13’ have already released 2 singles off this album, Thru the Glass and more recently Into the fire both where underground indie hits, the latter getting into the top 40 despite little coverage.

The album starts off on their recent single Into the fire which is a pretty elevating track, sounding an awful lot like the lightning seeds more tuneful period in the mid-90s. As all of the songs on this album, the tracks are all based around solid piano rhythms and quality guitar licks. The second track in is their debut single Thru the Glass a catchy well paced track, which compliments the previous and next track Gone, which shows the lead singer Will South’s vocal talent very well, proving that he can not only lead catchy tunes like the previous song but also long winding tracks too. The next track Do No Wrong is where South sounds the most like his contemporaries in the ‘Indie-Lite’ genre, but still manages to give it a flair of his own. The next track up The Salt Would Routine which is a sweeping blend of string movements and guitars equally placed in the mix. Saving and Lead us are essentially two parts of the same song, the first starting off with a lengthy combination of raw lead guitar vocals and piano with a piano solo in the latter stages, while the latter of the two starts with a piano solo and ends with a similar combination of guitar riffs and piano rhythms later on near the end. The next couple of tracks Last Forever, History and Undivided offer up more of the same as previous tracks with their piano/guitar edginess. The next standout track is Angels and Spies where South’s vocal talents come into play again, making a good penultimate track. The Final track on the album Automatic basically has a little bit of everything that’s come previous in its 5minutes and 3 seconds duration. With a fine guitar riff in the middle of the track and haunting piano/vocal fusions thereafter it’s one of the best tracks on the whole album.

Thirteen Senses will more than likely be a big name come next year, so expect them to star high up in the artist list for Glastonbury 2005, and if they don’t it’d be a crying shame as its some of the better stuff from this genre to be released so far this year (and certainly the best music to come out of Cornwall for a long time!).



out of 10

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