The Crayonettes - Playing Out - Songs For Children And Robots

What do you do if you are a responsible parent and you really want to listen to your favourite Queens Of The Stone Age album but, looking into the innocent blue eyes of your five year old, you worry that Lullabies To Paralyze may be less than appropriate? Well Kathryn Williams, that Jools Oliver of the music world, has come to your rescue! Under the guise of The Crayonettes, Williams has crafted ten songs supposedly suitable for kiddies and grown ups alike. Is it good? Well, that depends on if you thought Phoebe from Friends was a great songwriter. Songs include the lament 'Sweet On The Floor' - "Looks really tasty but don't eat it" - and the joys of brushing your teeth in 'Disco Teeth', which are patronizing to the max and would have most kids defiantly eating said forbidden sweet and then going on a dental hygiene strike for the remainder of the month. 'Let's Dance On The Moon' is cute and might appeal to toddlers of indiscriminate musical taste and 'Spooky Way Home' is sweet and endearing but the rest of the album falls flat. My advice would be to ditch this and put on the QOTSA instead - your child will thank you.



out of 10

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