Drowning Pool

The ugly face of American hard rock makes its appearance once again; this time in the form of nu-metallers Drowning Pool and their self-titled fourth album. While they no longer bear any resemblance to the form they took when they released 'Bodies' back in 2002, the music they spew forth now is far from great yet the Yanks seem to love this stuff, evidenced by the fact that single 'Feel Like I Do' hit number 2 in their rock radio chart, and bands like Godsmack continually achieve the top spot. This is dull, unimaginative and by-numbers groove based rock, with the ex-Soil vocalist Ryan Combe providing the obligatory Southern-tinged roar. There's even a cheesy acoustic ballad thrown in for good measure, no doubt to show that they're not always angry and aggressive young men and they do have a sensitive side. If you want thrilling, hair-raising rock music, steer well clear of this disc.



out of 10

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