Ali Love - Love Harder

You wouldn’t be blamed for having not heard of Ali Love until a couple weeks ago when he started seeing serial indie band dater and regular on the Hollywood party circuit, OC actress Mischa Barton. Until then Love was best known for guesting on The Chemical Brothers smash ‘Do It Again’ and 2007's (minor) hit ‘Secret Sunday Lover.’

Love Harder is Ali Love's (real name Alistair McLovan) second album and is a mix of 80’s Euro-house electro pop which tends to fall into lazy lyrical clichés far too many times. Unfortunately for Ali, opener 'Love Harder' is the album's high point. With a burst of volume and sirens the album instantly demands your attention, as does the likes of ‘Done the Dirty’ which features New Young Pony Club’s Lou Hayter and second single ‘Smoke and Mirrors.’

The trouble is afte a promising start and a inspiring duet, the clichéd lyrics and constant one-tone Euro-pop beat means that it ends up sounding more like a terrible, uninventive homage to the Pet Shop Boys rather than the electro dance superstar that you want Ali Love to be.



out of 10

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