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There's a cheer of recognition as Kristin Hersh takes to the stage which isn't undeserved despite the Waves not playing a note as yet. Hersh's career, to date, has been one of highpoints, from the criminally underrated Throwing Muses to her solo output to this, '50 Foot Wave', her latest project which sees her reunited with Throwing Muses bassist Bernard George. So what do 'the waves' sound like? The simple answer is that they sound absolutely fantastic. The easiest point of reference to give would be Nirvana circa 'Bleach'; a mess of overdriven minor guitar chords with jabbing bass lines that build little sandcastles of melodies before crushing them with waves of guitar riffs that are at once familiar and at once disconcerting in its intensity. Hersh's voice has morphed into a Cobain-esque growl, which is powerful enough to actually knock you back a few inches.

If there's a problem with '50 Foot Wave' then it’s the one hinted at above. They do sound almost exactly like early Nirvana. Of course, this is no bad thing per se, but it's been more than ten years since Nirvana broke and it seems, well, a little old-school compared to some of the more exciting bands around today that have clear Nirvana et al reference points, but have evolved somewhat since those heady days of the early nineties.

That small point aside, '50 Foot Wave' are on fire tonight; they're clearly very comfortable playing with each other and there are huge amounts of 'chemistry' wafting from the stage. It's a tight, killer little unit that will, should you venture out to see them, reward you for your efforts. And there’s still time to catch them on tour at following locations -

27 - The Village, Dublin
28 - Academy, Liverpool
29 - Le Nouveau Casino, Paris
30 - AB Club, Brussels

1 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
2 - Bremen Radio Show
3 - Knaak, Berlin

And check out the website here.

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